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This website is not intended for the general public. It is intended to be available to Qualifying Investors (as defined below), who are subject to a lower level of supervision and regulatory oversight by the BAFIN and other regulatory Authorities, than retail clients. This website does not constitute, and may not be used, as an offer or invitation to subscribe for investors profit participations of the Company, and is not intended to provide a basis on which to make any investment decision should be made. In this respect, you will need to contact the Board of Directors of the Company following the completion of all necessary steps and documentation. Furthermore, this website is not directed to any person where the availability of this website is prohibited by law or regulation. In certain jurisdictions, the Company may be subject to restraints or limitations in respect of access via the internet, promotion, marketing, distribution and/or selling. It is the responsibility of each person to inform themselves of and to observe and comply with all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction.

A Qualifying Investor is an investor that fulfils the following criteria: 

(a)    invests a minimum of EUR100,000 or its currency equivalent in the Company, which investment may not be reduced below this minimum amount at any time by way of a partial redemption; 

(b)    declares in writing to the Company that he/she is aware of and accepts the risks associated with the proposed investment; and 

(c)    satisfies at least one of the following: 

(i)    is a body corporate which has net assets in excess of EUR750,000 or which is part of a group which has net assets in excess of EUR750,000 or, in each case, the currency equivalent thereof; 

(ii)    is an unincorporated body of persons or association which has net assets in excess of EUR750,000 or the currency equivalent thereof; 

(iii)    is a trust where the net value of the trust’s assets is in excess of EUR750,000 or the currency equivalent thereof; 

(iv)    is an individual whose net worth or joint net worth with that of the person’s spouse, exceeds EUR750,000 or the currency equivalent thereof; or 

(v)    is a senior employee or director of a service provider to the Company.

I agree that I am a Qualifying Investor according to the definition in the German law and may enter the Company’s website.