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The SMAC Token is now listed on Coinsbit

We are happy to announce that the SMAC Token is now listed on Coinsbit, the largest cryptocurrency exchange.

SmartChem (SMAC) is the token of the Intelligent Fluids GmbH. By Investing in SMAC, you will join the fight to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable world.


Coinsbit allows you to exchange SMAC tokens in seconds

The Coinsbit Exchange platform provides users with an easy and fast way to trade crypto and Fiat currency.

• Simply access the Coinsbit Exchange


• Then choose the currency you want to exchange your SMAC tokens for.


• Confirm your transaction and then click the “EXCHANGE” button.

Using the SMAC token to transform the Industrial Cleaning Sector

SmartChem (Intelligent Fluids) offer a sustainable, efficient and powerful solution for industrial cleaning by utilizing physical effects instead of toxic chemicals, meeting much more than today’s standards for eco-friendliness with biodegradable, non-inflammable and pH neutral ingredients.

SmartChem provides the ideal platform for Intelligent Fluids to scale and transform the industrial cleaning sector from the driving seat.

Buying the SMAC token is an opportunity for you to invest in a next-generation token with potentially high returns down the road. Projections indicate a steady increase in token value, from 0.2 USD per token in the 2021 ICO to between 2.5 USD and 5 USD in 2031.

Participating in the token sale allows you to help SmartChem (Intelligent Fluids) advance its eco-friendly cleaners to the world and flood markets with “green” cleaning agents. As a result, more industries will replace traditional solvents with intelligent fluids, and SmartChem (Intelligent Fluids) will inspire other players, including the biggest chemical companies in the world, to make bolder investments in green cleaning.

Besides directly investing in SmartChem (Intelligent Fluids), the impending SMAC ICO will enable you to donate to like-minded NGOs like Climate Analytics and Ocean Care by buying tokens and transferring them to the wallet of the organization you wish to support. That way, you can make an impact, small or large, on a wide range of sustainability projects.

Click here to get notified about the SMAC ICO and distribution rounds. Signing up also gives you 40 free SMAC Tokens delivered to your Ethereum wallet.