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Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) is Distributing 40 Free SMAC Tokens to Users!

Our journey to a safe, healthy, and sustainable world has been successful so far; and now we are happy to announce that we distributed 40 Free SMAC tokens to the registered participants.

Created via Ethereum smart contracts, SMAC is an ERC20 token that functions as a utility asset. It is used for different purposes, which include intelligent fluids, discounted purchases, donations, and more.


SMAC token has utility meaning and is used for utility transactions. Once listed, it can be traded for different fiat and digital currencies. SMAC was developed with the Smartchem (Intelligent Fluid) platform in mind.

Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids)- A Green Chemistry Blockchain Project

Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) is an innovative platform that is dedicated to intelligent fluids cleaning products. Companies and the public can utilize the platform to redeem SMAC token, while ecology enthusiasts can buy their intelligent fluids necessities through the platform and make donations to the different ecological projects automatically.

Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) was developed for the purpose of price reduction for intelligent fluids product purchases and to entice early adopters to take advantage of green chemistry. For this reason, it is promoting a zero-fee system for transactions that use SMAC tokens for trades.

We believe that this platform will expedite seller and user interaction and transactions. Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) uses the blockchain technology, particularly smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and it is a novel Smartchem protocol to facilitate fiat and cryptocurrency for intelligent fluids purchases.

Get 40 Free SMAC Tokens Today!

You can sign up for the 40 free SMAC tokens using an address from your Ethereum wallet. Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) platform is integrated with the most popular Wallets like Metamask, Trezor, Mist, among others.

To be a potential recipient in the token distribution, all you have to do is visit this page - and sign up.

Follow the steps below to get your 40 free SMAC Tokens today:

  • 1. Go to homepage.
  • 2. Click the Get Free Token button. The Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) home page will feature this button for the duration of the distribution.
  • 3. Enter your Ethereum wallet address to claim SMAC tokens. If you are using MetaMask and have the browser extension, launch the extension, click on the address to copy it, and paste it on
  • 4. Enter your Email Address on the same dialog box, below your wallet address to get notified about token distribution.
  • 5. Recheck the details and click Confirm to sign up and get your 40 free SMAC tokens today!
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Setting Up a Crypto Wallet on MetaMask?

MetaMask is one of the most popular Ethereum wallets. You can launch it as a stand-alone mobile app or as a browser extension. The extension enables you to keep your Ethereum wallet constantly available on your browser. Metamask currently supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Brave browsers.

If you are not sure how to create a MetaMask wallet to claim your 40 free SMAC tokens, follow the steps below.

1. Install MetaMask on your browser
The first step toward getting a MetaMask wallet is installing the extension.

  • • Go to
  • Choose the extension to download, depending on the browser you are using
  • Click Add on the pop-up screen

2. Create your account
Once your extension is ready to go, proceed to create an account.

  • Launch the extension. If you are using Chrome, click the MetaMask icon in the upper right corner.
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  • • Click Try it now to install the latest MetaMask version
  • • Click Continue
  • Set up a strong password and click Create.
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  • MetaMask will then present your unique account image.
  • • Click Next and accept the Terms of Use
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  • • Click the padlock to reveal secret words
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  • Copy the 12-word secret phrase to an offline or cloud-stored file for safekeeping and click Next.
  • Verify your secret phrase by selecting the words presented in the order they appear on the phrase and click Confirm. Solving this “puzzle” confirms you know the secret phrase.
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  • Congratulations! Your MetaMask account is now live.