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Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) is Disrupting the Cleaning Industry, And You Can Participate


Industrial cleaning is a rapidly growing market whose value is projected to exceed 54 billion USD by 2025. This expansion is driven by growth in manufacturing and healthcare, coupled with the increasing focus on maintaining clean and healthy workplaces.

Dirt, mold, chemicals, pathogens, and other contaminants in industrial environments can pose serious health hazards for staff, costing companies billions in health reimbursement and lost productivity. Furthermore, machines and equipment are prone to failure and breakdowns if regular cleaning is not performed. Frequent cleaning reduces wear and tear, protecting capital investments.

However, despite the unquestionable importance of the industrial cleaning sector, its negative environmental impact has been putting both suppliers and customers in a tight spot. Today, keeping global industries clean takes a considerable toll on the environment and endangers the health of inhouse workers and public communities. Unfortunately, while many companies are well aware of their adverse impact, even these severe problems have not been enough to convince them to change.

Fortunately, one manufacturer is stepping out of the crowd with solutions that could finally give the industrial cleaning sector good standing with consumers, regulators, and the general public. Leveraging ground-breaking science and engineering, Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) demonstrates that it is entirely possible to clean without destroying the environment. With its unique phase cleaning fluids, Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) is ushering in the era of safe and sustainable solvent-free industrial cleaning.

How is Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) Leading the Sustainable Cleaning Transformation?

Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) has been designing, developing, and creating eco-friendly cleaning agents since 2006. Currently, its innovative fluids portfolio includes agents for separating materials, removing surface coats from metal, glass, and synthetic material, stripping paint and adhesive residues, and deep-cleaning industrial equipment, among others.

To clean surfaces, Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) cleaning agents utilize physical rather than chemical impact. Conventional solvents remove impurities by dissolving them, creating chemical waste that must be disposed of in a safe and environmentally conscious way. On the other hand, Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) use gentle, pH-neutral ingredients, which can penetrate, dislodge, break down and lift off the heaviest and most persistent deposits while sparing sensitive surfaces and substrates.

The primary characteristic of Smartchem (intelligent fluids) is their net-like, highly dynamic structure. When spread on a dirty surface, the fluid molecules sip into the impurities and under them without breaking down their own molecular structure. As a result, they dislodge the deposits from the surface, which can then be easily washed off by water.


Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) is leading the eco-friendly cleaning transformation through cutting-edge innovation. By replacing solvents with gentle phase fluids, we are giving solvent users across numerous industries a chance to adopt sustainable practices for a cleaner planet.

Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) Has an Ambitious Growth Plan

Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) has more than 500 fluid formulations and 26 approved patents of technologies that can differentiate between deposits and surfaces across a boundless range of industrial cleaning applications.

So far, we have made inroads into microelectronics surface cleaning, industrial maintenance, and oil and gas operations. Our aim is to create sustainable alternatives to aggressive and potentially harmful cleaning solvents across a much wider range of customers. We believe we have the innovative strength and quality thinking required to push eco-friendly cleaning developments to the entire cleaning sector.

The eco-friendly cleaning sector is growing at an exponential rate. Customers are increasingly shifting to environmentally-friendly products, which puts Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) at the driving seat in the industrial cleaning market. However, we are yet to meet the high demand for its eco-friendly products, lower production costs, reduce turnaround times, and fully exploit economies of scale.

To get to the next level, Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) has set ambitious goals for the next ten years. We intend to expand production sites to Asia and the U.S. and increase production from 500 tons per year to more than 13,500 tons per year in Europe. In addition to bolstering our footing in the microelectronics and maintenance segments, we intend to venture deeper into our most promising sector; oil and gas. We are targeting 5% of the entire petroleum cleaning business, equivalent to 200 million USD in 2030. This target is only realistic if we have the funding to expand global production sites and R&D sites.

The Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) ICO

Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) is at a pivotal stage. It needs to scale faster to meet demand quicker and more cost-effectively and maintain its position as the pace-setter in eco-friendly industrial cleaning. To fund this ambition, we are launching a cryptocurrency by Initial Coin Offering.

Smartchem (SMAC) is the token of the Intelligent Fluids ICO. Participating in the ICO gives you participation rights to the Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) green cleaning initiative. The token will launch at $0.2 on direct exchange platforms.

The SMAC offering contains several fund levels, which correspond to our business goals. We have an air-tight plan that allocates the money to manufacturing sites, research and development, and demo labs in major end markets worldwide, as well as sales, marketing, and human resources.

How Can You Contribute to Sustainable Industrial Cleaning?

As a crypto investor, it is crucial to put your money into the right products and technologies. So, besides the promise of better returns in the future, you also need to choose a token whose company is positively impacting the world. With Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids), we are offering the increasingly growing cleaning sector gentle, non-flammable, pH-neutral, biodegradable, and dermatologically tested agents.

Our portfolio enables us to support 10 of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals, including healthy living, clean water and sanitation, sustainable land and underwater life, sustainable production and consumption patterns, clean and affordable energy, and climate action.

Smartchem (Intelligent Fluids) is giving clients and investors a chance to be part of the post-solvent era by funding one of the most exciting projects in today's industrial cleaning market.

Contact us today and learn more about how you can get onboard the SMAC train.