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Smartchem - An Eco-friendly Blockchain Project Intended to Effectively and Safely Clean Water Pollution!

A German-based tech company, Intelligent Fluids, offers eco-friendly non-solvent chemistry to protect against water pollution. Alongside its green solution, the company is launching its green chemistry blockchain project - SMARTCHEM.


Global Issue:

It is common knowledge that around two-thirds of the world is made up of water, which means that taking care of the Earth's water should be a priority for everyone around the globe. However, it's no secret that Earth's water has become increasingly polluted over the decades.
Many global companies are currently working to combat this issue by using solvent-based chemicals to aid in fighting water pollution. Still, these efforts only create more toxins in our Earth's blue seas. Over 500,000 tons of toxic solvents are annually used in global Semiconductor and FPD Manufacturing.

When harmful microorganisms and chemical substances contaminate bodies of water, they cause the water quality to decrease and potentially make it toxic. As a result, water pollution can adversely affect our health, the environment, and the economy.


Intelligent Fluids' Solution:

The SMARTCHEM (Intelligent Fluid) project was created to help fight against water pollution through a safe, effective solvent-free method of stripping and cleaning harmful toxic substances while remaining cost-efficient.

The Intelligent Fluids team aims to collaborate these efforts by introducing the SMARTCHEM project to help clean stained or harmful products globally through physical mechanisms rather than aggressive substances.

The company plans to raise funds through token sales to scale and achieve a significant global market share. Participating in the token sale will allow customers to invest in the next generation of industrial cleaning, gain massive returns from a rapidly growing market, and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet. They will also benefit from reducing the total cost of ownership and thus higher yields, benefiting from coin value increase and revenue.

Investors can now purchase these tokens from decentralized exchanges such as and With many more listings to come, the time has come to help the project keep the planet safe, ensuring a more sustainable and greener environment.

But why Blockchain?

The world of blockchain is currently an exciting diaspora, and many businesses and governments worldwide are beginning to understand the vast impacts it can have on both its business procedures and customers.

With blockchain, trust is replaced by knowledge because the blockchain displays all facts relating to goods, payment transactions, or transport in a forgery-proof manner in fully automated "smart contracts."

SMARTCHEM can be used to store records in an inherently and truly immutable way, which lowers the risk of data losses or manipulation. In addition, each transaction would be enabled with a complete audit trail. For example, blockchain technology during a bid can be used to reduce corruption by digitizing the process by submitting a digital fingerprint (hash) of their offers using a smart contract that manages the date of receipt.
Once the bidding phase is over, companies can reveal their bids, and the company that issued the bidding can verify the validity of the offers, known as Stable data. This process prevents any person or intermediate company from seeing the bids before the process is completed, and hence no illegal agreements can be made, known as fraud.

While most Oil and Gas Cleaning businesses have made progress in protecting their servers from cyber attacks, the overall business-level data are often transmitted without authentication and encryption. With SMARTCHEM, customers are expected to have standardized and scalable transactions with each fluid purchase.

What's expected in the future?

The company plans to raise funds through its ICO to expand its presence and operations to other countries. It plans to expand production sites to Asia, the U.S, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. In Europe, annual production will rise from 500 tons to over 13,500 tons.

By 2030, the company aims to have undertaken up to 1% of the entire Oil and Gas cleaning business, worth about $10 billion. The company also plans to develop more products and expand its international customer base, including microelectronics, maintenance, oil, and gas. In addition, it is organizing an ICO to raise capital and strengthen the project.

The team, led by Christian Römlein, Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Christian Raeck, Chief Operation Officer and Dr. Alexander M. Breul, Chief Technical Officer, is looking forward to further developing its sales team and bringing about an exponential market expansion by 2023. Accordingly, it has designed a ten-year roadmap to achieve these targets.

Following the growing demand for the SMAC Token, it soon will be listed on more exchanges.