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Smart but powerful green chemistry from intelligent fluids doesnt only disrupt the global industrial cleaning markets, but will also soon offer a crypto-coin (SMAC – SmartChem) that attracts early adaptor companies to change to green chemistry. In parallel the NGOs Climate Analytics and Ocean Care will profit by automatic donations from the unique Token Offering.


The first chemical company worldwide to go Blockchain. Until mid of October a private Sale for investors is running, prior to the upfollowing planned public listings on several prominent crypto exchanges. The 2021 winner of the „Global Green Product Award“ for circular materials and „Imagine Chemistry winner 2019“ will set new ecologic standards in the industrial cleaning.

The goal of this initiative is to boost immediate sustainable actions of companies in order to contribute fastest possible to global challenges. Smartchem offers clients significant discounts the earlier they change from harmful and aggressive solvents to smart green chemistry. It is five past twelve, many climate scientists say. The action of intelligent fluids shall help to get awareness in C-Level-Managements and to push the transformation in relevant industries towards green chemistry.

Intelligent fluids® SMAC Token Offering ( has begun. Still an insider secret before the marketing machine begins, the multiple patent holding smart liquid called intelligent fluid® from the well-established DeepTech company intelligent fluids GmbH in Leipzig, Germany has set ambitious goals.

With more than 50 existing fluid formulations and their capacity to “program” and customize their fluids so that they can “intelligently” distinguish between layer and surface, intelligent fluids® is ripe for scaling globally, according to market observers and insiders.

Intelligent fluids GmbH started conquering high volume markets such as microelectronics, oil&gas and maintenance. Yet to meet the high demand for ecologic solutions, lowering the costs and times of existing workflows and take advantage of economies of scale, the company under the leadership of CEO Christian Roemlein has come up with a contemporary financing concept. Utilizing the capitalization benefits of blockchain compatible technologies, a smartchem (SMAC) crypto coin will be launched by a Utility Token Offering from October/Novermber 2021 on.

These tokenized utilities will incentify buyers by significant price reductions. The earlier they change from harmful solvents to green chemistry, the higher they will be rewarded. Thus support increasing volumes of green cleaning fluids and supporting NGOs from the climate change spectrum. In addition a rising coin value will also attract sustainable oriented impact investors who want to support impact.

Promising an environmentally friendly footprint with up to 65% less energy consumption at minimum same cleaning efficiency as conventional toxic chemical solvents, the company is confident of its USP. Several powerful investors are already on board, as well as selected famous existing customers such as Philips Research, INFINEON, Heidelberger Druck and subsidiaries of Würth Group. That confirms that their mission statement of “enabling a post solvent era” is goint to happen.

About intelligent fluids GmbH

Intelligent fluids is a young innovative DeepTech company, specializing on designing powerful and smart cleaning fluids for industrial cleaning. The smart patented technology is based on physical effects like a micro-earthquake which offers tremendous performance and on top supports 10 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. With offering a Smartchem-Token (SMAC), intelligent fluids will attract companies to change to Green Chemistry instead of using aggressive and harmful solvents. The winner of the Global Green Product Award for circular materials will disrupt industrial cleaning for a significant positive impact on our planet.