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Why Eco-friendly Projects
on the Blockchain are on the rise

With climate researchers recently sounding the alarm on the health of our planet, sustainability has come to the forefront. For so many years, consumers worldwide paid little attention to the literal makeup of the products they used. But the tide is turning.


A recent Unilever poll confirmed that a third of consumers now choose brands based on their social and environmental impact. But another poll by Label Insight found that most people did not even trust food labels. How can we, as a society, protect the environment if we cannot trust the products, we use daily?


And with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning chemicals have also become a significant concern. The chemicals in so many cleaning products harm our health and the health of our environment. The world desperately needs a sustainable solution to this problem with minimal negative impacts on the environment or humanity.

Business leaders have started to ask this question and to ponder a solution. If consumers can verify the safety of their products, businesses and overall health will flourish. Projects on the blockchain come into play when considering this problem.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain has emerged as a potent tool in working to ensure eco-friendly projects while promoting business development in the marketplace. Blockchain can be best described as a digital ledger; it is best known for its role as the programming protocol for the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The power of blockchain lies in its structure. The first and most apparent benefit of the platform exists in the economic sphere. Blockchain empowers digital currencies in ways never seen before. This novel method of exchange has revolutionized the online marketplace and arguably results in a more minor environmental impact than other modes of exchange.

But blockchain is genuinely novel in the sphere of data security. When participants add code to the chain to verify aspects about a specific product, consensus is reached. That code, which helps other consumers with product choice, is embedded on the blockchain. Experts assure us that no one can tamper with the information on the blockchain, even the company that creates the product at hand. Thus, consumers can utilize the blockchain to work towards a more eco-friendly world.

This description of blockchain is not meant to present it as a cure-all for the world’s environmental issues. Challenges exist for the platform, but practicality is not one of them, as companies are already transforming the marketplace with unique blockchain applications.

SmartChem and Industrial Cleaning

Current industrial cleaning processes represent potentially severe damage to the health of the population and environment. Thus, it is imperative that we move past these dangerous chemical solvents to safer and more sustainable cleaning products.

Intelligent Fluids, a technology company designing innovative and safe cleaning products, has introduced a new platform called SmartChem. The platform, dedicated to intelligent fluids cleaning products, is set to reshape the cleaning world.

SmartChem is built upon the usage of Intelligent Fluids cryptocurrency, which is known as the SMAC token on the Ethereum blockchain. SmartChem offers a special incentive to consumers: the quicker clients switch to the green chemistry of intelligent fluids, the higher the SMAC token reward. SmartChem utilizes the blockchain to allow consumers to buy intelligent fluid products and make donations to their chosen ecological projects.

The Big Picture

The European Union possesses some of the strictest regulations on the chemical industry in the world. Yet, remarkably, intelligent fluids have led the charge to environmental sustainability in Europe.

Many people have come to see environmental protection and economic growth as mutually exclusive. As a result, even some leading governments have been reluctant to tackle the threat of climate change, given the potential negative impact on some large businesses. But it is time to move past this view. By effectively utilizing the blockchain, SmartChem has proven that we can simultaneously protect the environment and increase economic growth.

Perhaps most importantly, projects like SmartChem allows the average consumer to have a say in their products. The blockchain grants consumers the ability to hold companies accountable for their impact on the environment and overall health. Without this accountability, institutional trust will dwindle, and as a result, the environment will suffer.