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Keeping global industries clean in a sustainable, non- hazardous way is one of the largest unsolved problems in todays world. Not only does this take a huge toll on the environment, it is also harmful to human health. Reality has also shown that these severe problems do not provide enough incentives for businesses to address the issue. Profitability remains the only concern. Luckily, the groundbreaking solution to all these issues has finally arrived: intelligent fluids®. Leveraging physical effects instead of chemical dissolution, intelligent fluids® revolutionize the way we clean industries. The patented technology is both much more efficient than conventional solvents and 100% harmless to humans and the environment. These qualities make intelligent fluids® the only sustainable, future-proof way of keeping our industries clean.

What are the advantages of Intelligent Fluids?


Lower cost – bigger performance

  • up to 65-70% energy reduction
  • up to 70% less consumption
  • 1o0% regulatory compliant & future proof

Zero risk to human health

  • dermatologically approved
  • no toxics
  • no hazards

No damage to the environment

  • biodegradable
  • non inflammable
  • water-based & less waste

Today's dangers of industrial cleaning

Almost 50 million tons of toxic chemicals are produced each year across the EU alone. Aside from the severe health-risks and damage to the environment, the usage of common solvents has a lot of profit-reducing effects on companies. Comparing these solvents to intelligent fluids® makes it clear that a shift to this new technology is the only option for a sustainable future.


Risk to human health

direct and indirect cause of health issues, diseases and death


Loss of time and money

high cost of ownership, energy consumption, equipment costs

low performance, low yield


Environmental damage

huge damage to plants, soils and animals


Legal issues

complex regulatory framework with increasing restrictions


The patented technology of intelligent fluids® combines gentle ingredients to tailor-made phase fluids that remove contaminates effectively and gently. Net-like, highly dynamic structures within the intelligent fluids® are the key to this amazing effect. Therefore, intelligent fluids® are able to penetrate, fragmentate and eventually lift-off even persistent impurities and heavy deposits in a gentle way. It is this special physical mode of action that makes the process unique. For the contaminations or coatings are not dissolved in a chemically-aggressive way, even sensitive substrates and surfaces are spared.

Supporting Sustainable Development

Intelligent fluids has the potential to revolutionize the chemical industry into the solvent-free era of stripping and cleaning – while meeting UN goals and complying with EU regulations. 

In regards, to EU regulations, which is one of the strictest regulations on the industry limiting the usage of harmful chemicals, intelligent fluids is leading the trend towards sustainability by using physical principles instead of toxic substances.

The technology intrinsically supports 10 (colored in the graphic below) out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations (UN SDG.17), while the company supports the remaining seven by sponsoring involved institutions, NGO’s and parties.

Our track record

Intelligent fluids is an established German company revolutionizing the chemical industry, through 26 approved patents, and 25 more pending, on unique phase fluids leveraging physical effects. Intelligent fluids focuses on delivering an outstandingly effective and environmentally-friendly product, which fulfills 10 out of 17 of the UN sustainable development goals and is recognized by blue chip companies for its excellence.


Technology partners


Origin of the company as “bubbles and beyond GmbH”. Genesis of the technology and patent development of unique phase fluids with physical effects.

After 10 years of research, technology development, patenting, generating public awareness, market approvals and preparation the company was restructured and rebranded into intelligent fluids GmbH.


Rebranding in Intelligent Fluids GmbH. Adjustment of global strategic orientation.


Winner of the NOURYON “Imagine Chemistry” Award with a research support agreement. Launch of SMARTCHEM STO.


Numerous other awards and nominations were handed over to intelligent fluids beforehand already:

  • BVMW: The company of the month
  • Innovation Award Central Germany
  • industry award 2012 (nomination)
  • Innovation Award – Sachsen (3rd place)
  • KFW-Company Award: Founder Champions f
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (best 35)
  • Germany – Land of Ideas (1 out of 365 locations)


What is Smartchem?

Smartchem (SCM) is a security token with subordinated profit participation rights, issued by Leipzig based intelligent fluids GmbH. By taking part in the token sale, you can help scale and grow one of the most exciting chemical projects in the market today.

The SCM Pre-sale aims to run from mid/end January 2019 until mid/end March 2019 (dependent upon prospectus approval). The token’s planned subsequent listing on a digital assets exchange will allow for further tradability. The sale includes:

  • Public Pre-Sale
  • Token Price = 0.04 EUR 
  • Profit participation right up to 56%
  • Softcap of 500,000 EUR
  • Hardcap of 800,000 EUR
  • Expected main sale Q2 2019 

Distribution of Tokens

The allocation of resources obtained from the distribution of tokens will focus on five focal areas: R&D, Human Resources, Business development, Sales and Marketing.

Investment in R&D and global production site will be the most significant, accounting for 42.5% to assure that intelligent fluids maintains its drive to innovate.
The second area in which resources will be allocated is Human Resources, which will account for 35%. By NGO sponsorship, the rest 7 UN sustainable development goals will be met. Market expansion will be driven by Sales and Marketing.


       Offering Document (Coming soon – dependent on BaFin approval)

     Prospectus (coming soon)

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